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OSOT - Functional Reach in the UE Using an NDT Approach

Sherry Rock (she/her), OT Reg. (Ont.)
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The upper extremity (UE) is often affected after a stroke or brain injury and can contribute to reduced independence in the functional tasks the client needs or wants to perform. Canadian Stroke Best Practices indicate that clients need to engage in meaningful, repetitive, progressively adaptive and task specific goal-oriented therapy to maximize the potential of the UE. Often after a stroke or brain injury, it is challenging to find a role for the more involved UE while performing functional tasks as well as to know how to progress the functional reach of the UE.
This virtual workshop combines an occupational therapy perspective with Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT) principles to focus on UE recovery. We will look at how to progress the UE, starting with using the more involved UE in active support and then progressing to reaching at lower ranges of shoulder flexion. The client’s goals, the occupation/task and the environment will be considered. This workshop will also provide an opportunity to explore practical tips to engage the UE in active support, or in a modified functional reach while considering the client’s environment.
This workshop will contain a lecture, problem solving sessions and labs to aid in assessment of the UE and facilitation of the UE in active support and progressing to lower ranges of shoulder flexion. There is also an optional lab component for those who would like to practice the skills learned and receive virtual feedback from the instructor, at the end of the session. Should attendees choose to participate in the optional lab, please know that in a virtual session, direct one on one feedback is limited. Participants will need a second person present to practice the handling component of the optional lab.