OSOT achieves its tremendous volume of activity through the generosity of committed members and volunteers who lend time and expertise to serve on OSOT Teams or as representatives to inter-organizational collaboratives or working groups.

Team or Representative work can be a rewarding and enjoyable way to contribute to the profession and enhance one's own perspective and experience base. If interested in engaging in Team work or to enquire about Team or Representative activities contact the appropriate Team Chair or Representative by clicking on their email address below or contact the OSOT office.

Here are OSOT volunteers that are working for you and the occupational therapy profession!

Click on the Team name to view their Terms of Reference.


     Team      Chair(s)    

Adult Mental Health Team

Bani Ahuja

Auto Insurance Sector Team

Jeff Ford

Child & Youth Mental Health Team

Donna Dennis


Hospital Sector Team

Samantha Samonte-Brown

Long-Term Care Homes Team

Joanne Kular

Primary Health Care Team

Retired Members Team

Briana Zur

School-Based OT Team

Amy Quilty

Seating & Mobility Team

Deborah Cox

En-AGE Team

Sachi Wijekoon

Strategic Advocacy Team

Marnie Lofsky

Workplace Mental Health Team

 Ceilidh Cunningham

OSOT Representatives

     Organization                        Representative(s)

Collaborative Rehab Group - Ontario Council of University Programs in Rehabilitation Sciences

Marnie Lofsky

Alliance of Canadian Occupational Therapy Professional Associations (ACOTPA)

Marnie Lofsky
Shiyen Shu

Auto Insurance Coalition of Regulated Health Professional Associations in Auto Insurance

Maria Stella Puopolo

Coalition of Ontario Regulated Health Professional Associations (CORHPA)

Marnie Lofsky

Eye Health Council of Ontario - Low Vision Rehab Working Group

Julia Foster

OT Ontario Collaborative (OSOT, COTO, OT Academic Programs)

Marnie Lofsky
Shiyen Shu

Rehabilitative Care Alliance - Steering Committee

Marnie Lofsky
Rehabilitative Care Alliance's Community-Based Rehabilitation Subcommittee

Marnie Lofsky

Rehabilitative Care Alliance's Workforce Task Group

Marnie Lofsky

WSIB Health Professions Forum

Seema Sindwani


OHMEPA (Ontario Home Medical Equipment Providers Association) Vendor-Authorizer Task Force

Seema Sindwani
Marlene Adams
Deborah Cox
Joanne Kular


Task Forces

     Task Force                        Representative(s)

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Task Force

Sasha Stewart (Chair)
Fatima Quraishi (Chair)

Form 1 Review Task Force

Joel Paquette (Chair)
Jennifer Carnegie
Sheila Don
Joanne Romas
Lorenta Stanulis-Duz
Linda Cottrell
Helen Leimonis
Luciana Zazzara
Seema Sindwani
Melissa Tobros
Rebecca Morin
Judy Philips