Student members are an important membership group of OSOT. Students enrolled in CAOT accredited occupational therapy programs are invited to join the Society early in their professional training to facilitate awareness and engagement in issues that relate to the practice of occupational therapy in the province, to become eligible for the many services and benefits that OSOT membership affords, and to strengthen their chosen profession and its position in Ontario's evolving health care system.

Student Membership in OSOT

OSOT Student Membership is complimentary. Student members receive and can participate in all membership benefits and services but are not voting members of the Society. Students may take advantage of;

  • OSOT communications including monthly membership email updates of news and information relevant to OT in Ontario.

  • Access to the complimentary legal advisory service.

  • Access to group insurance programs that can result in real savings in coverage for home, auto, extended health, dental benefits.

  • Access to the OSOT office & "Members Only" professional resources in this site.

  • Special student member rates for courses and workshops, public relations products, etc.

Joining OSOT is easy!   Become a Student Member today! 

Let OSOT Contribute to your Professional Education!

Students are encouraged to use the Society as a "supplementary faculty member" whose particular focus of expertise is professional issues affecting the profession of occupational therapy. While learning to be an excellent OT clinician, it’s also important to learn about the health and social systems in which OTs work. OSOT assists Student Members to be aware of trends, legislation, funding, etc. that affects OT roles and jobs

There are a number of ways that OSOT can support the academic preparation of OT Students;

  • As a resource for research and query – the website and office staff are ready resources!

  • Keeping students apprised of current issues, opportunities and trends related to the profession.

  • Identifying professional issues questions to research or study.

  • Identifying projects that would have far reaching benefit to other OSOT members or the profession at large.

  • Providing clinical placement opportunities for students interested in exploring the professional administration side of occupational therapy.

  • Providing lectures, presentation or panels to relay current health care initiatives, trends, professional issues, etc.

OSOT University Student Body Support Funds

Each year, the Society makes funding of up to $500 available to each Ontario OT program student body to support student led initiatives that are in keeping with a professional focus and that provide opportunity for visibility for OSOT. Student leaders are invited to contact the OSOT Office to enquire about application for such funds. Learn more about OSOT's OT Student Body Support Funds.

OSOT Student Awards

Each year OSOT bestows awards to recognize outstanding achievements and contributions of graduating occupational therapy students from each Ontario university program. See more information about OSOT Awards.

Student Liaisons

Each year the Society recruits Student Liaisons for each Ontario occupational therapy university program  to facilitate the development of an OSOT presence amongst the student body and to provide a university based contact for two way communications to and from OSOT and the student body. We look for a representative of each class. This is a great way to get involved in your professional association with a limited time commitment. Interested? Contact the OSOT Office.

Student liaisons are provided with information and resources to promote OSOT to the student body. With support from the Board of Directors and the OSOT Office, the student liaison may undertake activities that he/she determines will meet the needs of students at that program.