New OTs on the Block! - Podcast Series

Designed for new occupational therapy graduates in Ontario, OSOT Presents: New OTs on the Block!  is a podcast series developed by graduating students to engage student occupational therapists and new graduates in conversations on topics relating to beginning occupational therapy practice. Providing information, tips, and thought-provoking topics, each podcast is intended to help support new OTs to succeed after graduation.

New OTs on the Block  introduces conversations with newer graduates to experienced mentors and leaders to discuss everything that new occupational therapy graduates need to know to transition into the workforce. Topics were inspired by questions submitted by second year occupational therapy students from across Ontario and include applying for jobs, how to become registered with the College, building confidence as a new graduate and more!

This series contains the following episodes:

Episode #1:   New Grad Q&A: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Part 1)
Episode #2:   New Grad Q&A: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Part 2)
Episode #3:  I Graduated! Now what? Registering with the College with Brandi Park
Episode #4:   Landing the Job with Sylvia Davidson and Mary McAuliffe
Episode #5:   Normalizing the New with Andrea Duncan
Episode #6:   OT/PT- Same Thing, Right? with Christie Brenchley

This series was created and is hosted by Lindsay Rideout, a second year occupational therapy student from the University Toronto. 

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