Prospective Mentees

Prospective Mentees

If mentorship is something that interests you, and you feel is something you could benefit from, please complete the short form below to access OSOT’s member protected, self-directed Find-a-Mentor online Tool (see link below). After completing the form accessed through the link below, you will be issued a member protected link to the Directory Tool through which you may indicate your “mentor search criteria” (i.e. a mentor with a certain number of years of experience, working in a specific sector, etc.). Once all of your search information has been entered, you will be immediately provided with a list of names of OTs in the mentorship database that meet your criteria. The entire process will only take about 5 minutes!

What to know about the process:

1.   Reach out to your potential mentors to introduce yourself, identify your needs and to determine if they are in a position to assist at this time. Consider the following for an initial email or phone conversation;

  • Notify them that their name and email address/telephone number was provided to you by the OSOT Find-a-Mentor online directory.
  • Identify at least some of your specific needs/goals for mentorship so they can assess if they are able to commit. Consider:
    • How you would like to communicate with your mentor? – in-person meetings a few times? Mostly email? Mostly phone? Skype?
    • Your background – What brings you to OSOT’s Mentorship Program?
    • The type of support you need – e.g. client related questions as they arise, review of assessment tools etc., business development advice, something more…

2.    Consider some potential questions to ask a potential Mentor during your initial contact so that you too can gauge fit:

    • How many years of experience do they have?  Where has their career path taken them?
    • What is the focus of their practice? Do they have any particular areas of interest/areas of practice expertise/”specialties”?
    • If you’re a new graduate - you may have some specific questions such as: Can they provide suggestions for the format/content of your resume? Can they provide suggestions for interview preparation?, etc.

3.    View the OSOT Mentorship Program Resources to support you on your journey as a mentee!

4.    How can we improve?  We encourage all Mentors and Mentees to complete an ‘Evaluation Survey’ to provide OSOT with feedback that can help us enhance and better support members throughout the mentorship experience.  You may receive a periodic email to solicit feedback.  Help us continue to develop the program!

5.    When to contact OSOT    

Access the OSOT Members' Find-A-Mentor On-line Tool 

… we thank our mentees – for knowing and wanting to learn more, for pursuing excellence and confidence in the practice of OT and,
 for having the courage and self direction to ask for help.