Sector Practice Resources

Occupational therapists work across the continuum of care, across all sectors of our health care system and with clients of all ages. Practice support resources are collated and developed to support members to practice with excellence, to be informed about the policy context and structure of the sector in which they work, and to promote networking and linkages with key stakeholders and sectoral resources. Check out your resources pages which include:

  • Practice Resources
  • Policy and Legislation
  • Current Issues
  • Teams and Networks
  • Related Links

OSOT's practice sector teams contribute enormously to the development of practice resource pages, but so can you!  Have a suggestion or a need for which you're looking for a resource? Let us know - your needs and our capacity to serve them will support others too!

OSOT's Practice Resource Pages are
MEMBER PROTECTED.  This respects member commitment to membership and support of the profession in Ontario. EVERYONE can view each sectoral Practice Resource Page, however, to access resources and engage links you will need to log in. Once logged in return to the page and your first click will take you to a page identified as MEMBER PROTECTED. You'll find the live links here.

OSOT encourages you to explore the Practice Resource Pages relevant to your practice, to download resources and to visit often to keep abreast of new developments and resources.

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