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Dive Into a Coach Approach™ Level 1

Hélène Thériault
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“Getting patients to change behaviors and engage in recovery can be deceptively hard. This Internationally Accredited Coaching Course will help you to get your clients into the driver’s seat.”
Join us for this 10-hour intensive hybrid workshop, a Coach Approach for Healthcare Professionals, instructed by Hélène Thériault, a healthcare professional with 20-years of experience who is a certified coach that has created an accredited methodology for the healthcare space. This course is designed for clinicians who are interested in either learning how to support patients to move past perceptual barriers such as beliefs, attitudes, assumptions and judgement while maintaining a strong therapeutic relationship. This 3-week blended online and in-person course will focus on supporting clinicians acquiring the core competencies to apply a Coach Approach in their clinical practice for a variety of clinical populations, supporting them to be the driver of their own health and well-being.
Through the online platform you will complete at your own pace, Hélène will bust a few myths about what a coach approach is and is not, how it differs from other “talk-therapies” and provide the case for using a coach approach in healthcare using evidence-based research. You will learn the core competencies needed to have an effective coaching dialogue to support clients moving toward self-management and alleviate your load. During our 5-hour in person training, you will practice the 4-step framework and some of the 9 techniques after discovering the four guiding principles—the core coaching competencies. Clinicians will swim away with their own customized action plan and a toolbox to support them to use a coach approach immediately in their practice. In addition, students will earn 10 Continued Coaching Education (CCE) to apply towards coaching credentialing.