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Challenges in Gait: An NDT Workshop

Back Works Physiotherapy, Waterloo
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In order for individuals’ post-stroke or brain injury to be truly independent when walking, they need to be challenged beyond forward walking. Functional gait includes being able to walk at different speeds, on different surfaces, changing directions, combining gait with other activities and negotiating stairs. Often this is difficult for many individuals who have suffered a neurological injury. This one-day workshop will present NDT principles related to preparation for and treating in function during standing and walking.
This workshop will focus on strategies to facilitate the trunk, UE and LE with the goal of challenging individuals’ post-stroke or brain injury in standing, during gait, and while performing various functional activities. These functional activities include forward and backward walking, turning, and stair climbing. The workshop will provide an opportunity for analysis of biomechanics and the assessment of movement dysfunction in an individual post-stroke or brain injury during these functional activities.
Upon completion of this workshop the participants will be able to: Identify components of typical gait. Demonstrate basic skill in analyzing atypical components of trunk, upper and lower extremity function, frequently associated with conditions of neurological dysfunction, during activities in standing, during gait and on the stairs. Demonstrate basic handling skills to enhance patient’s movement as related to their functional goals during standing, gait and on the stairs.