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Living With Anxiety: Helping Family and Friends Cope witha Loved One’s Anxiety

On-Demand Webinar (3 hours)
Dr. Margaret Wehrenberg
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Whether it is fears for children’s safety, concern about germs or food safety, or continuous health anxiety, do your anxious clients feel ignored or dismissed by family when they try to get help to reduce fear? Do you see people who tell you an anxious family member ruins every event by endless preparations and out-loud worries? Are your anxious clients getting ghosted by their friends? Do your clients burden others with their fear and demands for reassurance? People suffering anxiety often do not realize the burden their continual worrying has on those around them. Living with anxiety challenges family and friends to balance compassion and their outright annoyance. And therapists can see the impact of anxiety affecting dating life, partners, friends and parents as they listen to clients discuss relationship woes and need to walk the line between being supportive and sharing their realistic appraisal of the trouble anxiety brings to the situation. In this session I will discuss very pragmatic suggestions for helping clients and their families and friends to reduce the impact of anxiety while the anxious client is still in the process of treatment.
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